Welcome to this months free lesson on the first position of the A minor pentatonic scale, this scale is also known as the oriental scale and you will hear this scale used in eastern music.

These lessons are audio tuition with the tablature provided, why no video? I am old school when it comes to learning guitar and I am promoting audio lessons as I feel that this will help you practice reading tablature and using your ears to hear whether you are playing the lessons correctly.

dont get me wrong video lessons are good, but learning an instrument is mor about listening than watching and will help develope your ear a little more.

this scale is one of the main basic scales for solo’s in blues and rock, so you will find this scale used in some of your favourite rock or blues tracks.

but before you can start to used this scale for your own solo’s, you will need to learn the scale first, be sure to use the correct fingerings these are noted below the tablature as 1 and 3 and 1 and 4. Ring finger and third finger or ring finger and little finger.

So lets get started on this scale, click the audio track to play the lesson.

The next exercise in the A minor pentatonic scale position 1 is to practice the scale with a sequence of 4 notes, you will go up 4 notes then go back to the second note and proceed up 4 notes. use the audio track below and the tablature.

A minor pentatonic scale sequencing 4 notes

The next exercise for you to learn with the A minor pentatonic scale position one, is a sequence of 3 notes. be sure to practice with the correct fingers and picking

Click the audio to listen to the exercise.

Well now you have looked and the scale and sequencing the notes

Scales aren’t the most interesting when you’re just playing them ascending and descending this can be monotonous, so below are four licks that I’ve created so you can start to see how we can use just this one position to create licks on the guitar.

Once you have learned and played along with the licks below, it is important that you attempt creating your own licks with in the position one of the pentatonic minor scale. Have Fun.

I hope you have enjoyed this months free lesson on the A minor pentatonic scale position one, if you have and you think someone else may enjoy this little lesson show some love and share this page with friends.

Well until next months free lesson, I’ll bid you farewell and I hope you return back next month for my next free lesson.

Thanks agian

Lee Barfield – L.A. Guitar School Tutor.

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