Not sure if lessons are for you? well grab your Free 30 minute lesson or a discounted longer first lesson and try a lesson with me, You will not be disappointed.

L.A. Guitar School offer a free 30 minute first lesson, to all new students.

L.A. Guitar School teach electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and ukulele.

I teach from total beginners to advanced students, so even if you have never picked up the instrument of your choice, I can help you get started. Or is you have been playing a while I can help you boost you playing and musical goals.

I teach

Rock, Blues, Classical, Funk, Metal, New Metal.

Learn to read music or just use tablature the modern method of learning on your instrument.

Learn theory like modes scales, scale construction and chord construction.

Understand keys and chords so you can write your own songs and use scales to be able to improvise your own solo’s or write solo’s for your self or your band.

Study exam pieces and play along with backing tracks, so even if you don’t want to play in a band at a venue, you can play along with a band in your bedroom or practice room at home.

I’ve been playing guitar for 28 years and teaching for 23 of them. I studied at the guitar institute in London which is now formally known as ICMP the institute of contemporary music and performance. I am also grade 8 with rockschool and my diploma is from the guitar institute, so yes I am qualified to teach you.

I am also full DBS disclosure check for your piece of mind as you don’t know the back ground these days of who is teaching you or your child.

I teach from a professional office building in Tamworth’s Town centre, with welcoming staff as you arrive. I do not teach from home and you are coming to a professional environment.  See where I am <<Click Here>>

So if you like the sound of the above drop me a message using my contact form on this site <<Click Here>>, or you can visit my facebook page click here <<Take Me There>>

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