Welcome to the lesson on playing some diad chords lesson utilizing the Aolian mode over G, A & C.

These common diads can be found in the 80s glam metal scene and used by bands such as white snake, motley crue and countless others.

Diads are a two note chord consisting of a of a 4th interval from the diatonic scale, in the first chord it is derived from the G Aolian mode G A Bb C D Ee F G – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 the first diad played is on frets 5 on he A & D string using the notes G & C. From G to C is four notes in the G Aoloian mode, use the above scale letters and note numbers to see this.

In the G riff work out the notes for each diad, then do the same for A & C.

All three lick in simple terms are using the following scales

G minor pentatonic scale position one

A minor pentatonic position one

C minor pentatonic position four

Checkout the last video for working out your notes on the fretboard, if you do not already know them.

Aolian Riffs video

If you wish to download the works for these lessons, you can do so below by clicking the link button.

Note finding video – learning your notes on the fretboard.

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