Guitar Practice

Learning the guitar isn’t easy so structured practice is important in order to achieve the most out of the time that you spend on your instrument, so below are some ideas to help you.

1- be realistic with how much time you can allow yourself for your daily practice. It’s no good if you plan to practice for an hour but in reality you can only manage 30 minutes. Be realistic!

2- write a list of areas of guitar that want to learn for example- scales, a song, technique like picking with fingers or a plectrum, theory you want to study or even reading music. This list is personal to you.

3- break your 30 minutes down over your list try to keep each items to a similar time frame for each item, if you have 3 items these should be 10 minutes each totalling 30 minutes.

4- use a countdown times a digital egg timer or a timer on your mobile device, this will help you stick to the allotted time for each item you wish to practice.

5- do the above each day you practice and this will help you practice constructively each time you pick up your guitar, building a structured practice will give you results and progression on your guitar.

6- adjust your practice list to accommodate a realistic time frame that fits around your lifestyle as everyone’s lifestyle & commitments different.

if you have any questions please leave a comment below this post and good luck.

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