Welcome to another free riff lesson.

In this lesson you can learn the cool riff by the band Papa Roach, the metal sounding track with the hint of rap vocals is a great sounding song.

The lesson for the main riff is using what we call a pedal point riff, this is where a riff is played repeatedly but only the root note is changed. Another song that does this amongst many others is sweet child o mine by guns n roses.

Tip – try to use four fingers for the main riff for the first beat, for example start the riff with your little finger or pinky. use the index finger for fret number four, middle finger for fret five,

For beat start with finger two, finger two also for fret five and fret four with your index finger.

For beat three start the riff with your index finger on fret three, third finger for the fifth fret and the middle finger for frets four.

Lastly the fourth beat us your index for fret two, little finger for fret five and your third finger for frets four, try to use continual up and down picking for technique and speed.

Practice the riff slowly till you can play it without making mistakes, then you can increase the speed. Have fun.

Use the audio track as a reference to how it should sound.

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