Welcome to the Aerosmith walk this way riff lesson, this lesson is for intermediate players if you have not learned this riff before it is a fun riff to play.

The main riff is based around the E minor blues scale. Riff two is based around a C dominant 7 chord style riff.

Riff three is a shuffle over a C5, C6 & C7 then it switches to the F5, F6 & F7 shuffle. Which after each shuffle ends with dissonant a Eb b5 chord.

Learn the riffs slowly before attempting to play a the correct temp, but most of all have fun with it.

Tablature above to accompany the audio below, if your on a small screen mobile device, you may not see the file so click the download button to save the pdf to you device to learn.

Walk This Way Riff One
Walk This Way Riff Two
Walk This Way Riff Three

I hope you enjoyed this free lesson, please feel free to share this page or even leave a comment if you would like to request a riff lesson on a particular song that you like.

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