Guitar repairs in Tamworth Staffordshire, give you guitar some TLC.

Tamworth Guitar Repair Service

Basic setups

Full setups

General service

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Here at LA Guitar School, you can have your guitar serviced or repaired.

Some of us only have a couple of guitars that we adore and love playing, but over time things start to wear out. So we can fix those worn parts or replace them with new ones.

Items we fix

  • Broken strings
  • Replace or clean damaged or worn volume & tone controls
  • Replace or clean damaged or worn pickup switches
  • Replace damaged pickups
  • Replace damaged input sockets
  • Neck adjustments
  • Intonation corrections
  • Fret levelling
  • Nut replacements


  • Re string & Clean
  • Basic setups – we can set your guitar up to optimum setup with what you instrument can offer at the time. New strings and clean
  • Full setup – have your guitar setup with neck adjustment, fret levelling, fret polishing, intonation check, nut adjustment. New strings and a full clean
  • Electronic component replacement or serviced.

We charge on a hourly rate for labour and parts prices are based on the quality you require. If you would like more information drop me a message with the link below.

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