Have Your Acoustic, Electric, Bass or Ukulele Maintained.

L.A. Guitar School offer an instrument maintenance and setup service, we can clean, re-string and setup your instrument so it play’s betterg for you, so you can have a better playing experience when learning or performing.

We also buy old guitars bought for cash, so if you have a guitar you don’t use anymore contact us using the contact form on this site and we may take your old guitar off your hands. “your old guitar will need to be seen before we can make an offer on it”.

Guitar Re String

Fret & Fretboard Clean

Nut & Bridge Saddle Adjustment

Electronic Component Clean

Re – Stringing, we can replace your old strings for new ones if you are not sure how to do this yourself. While we do this the fret and fretboard can be cleaned, to remove any sweat from playing your instrument to bring the fretboard and frets back to how it was when you purchased your guitar.

Guitars when they are newly purchased come with a standard set of strings, which are normally a standard set of strings and to the beginner these strings can be a little hard on the fingers. So why not have them changed to a set of strings that will be more comfortable on your fingers, I can advise you on a set of strings that would suit you and your level of playing making your learning experience easier.

have you got worn frets on your guitar, this will be dents in your frets from years of playing which can cause fret buzz or notes fretting out when you are bending them in your solos.

we offer a fret levelling service to restore your guitar frets back to the same new condition from the day when you bought it.

if your frets are Far to worn to repair, we offer a fret replacement service to restore your guitars frets back to its original status as it was when it was newly purchased from the shop.

What I Offer

  • Re stringing
  • fret stoning or fret levelling
  • Fret board & fret polishing
  • Intonation tuning correction
  • Guitar buff & polish
  • Elctronics clean
  • String radius correction
  • Nut & saddle height adjustment
  • Nut & Saddle replacement
  • Bridge replacement
  • Tuner replacement
  • Electronic repairs & replacement

So if you would like more informaiotn on having some work done on your instrument please get in contact with me for prices and timelines to do the work for you. <<<Contact Me>>>

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