Here at LA Guitar School, I offer a instrument maintenance and repair sevice.

Have your guitar, bass or ukulele looked at should you have any issues or just want to give your favourite instrument a new lease of life.

If you would like a price for any of the below work undertaken, please click the contact me button at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your interest in my guitar repair sevice.

Restringing service

Have your guitar, bass guitar or ukulele re strung with your favourite strings, If we do not have them in stock we can order the strings you want and have them installed. Included is the restringing we will clean your instrument, polish the frets and treat the fret board with our oil based wood products. I will also check for check your instrument for components that may need resetting by fixing any loose hardware parts on your instrument, to make sure your instrument is in good health before you collect your instrument.

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Optimal Setup

The optimal setup is your guitar, bass or ukulele been setup with wat the instrument has when it arrives to me. This means setting up the instrument with nut, neck and bridge with out having the frets levelled, this includes nut, saddle & neck adjustments made to give you the optimal setup possible with what your instrument has to offer at the time. This also includes new strings, cleaning and fret polishing.

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Professional setup

This setup includes fret levelling and polishing, neck adjustment, nut and saddle adjustments, shimming. This setup will give you the best setup that your instrume5nt will offer, giving you low action for comfortable easier playing with out fret buzz and smooth frets for a great playing experience. I will also give your instrument a full clean, treat the fretboard with our oil treatment and a new set of string the your prefer.

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Electronic Service

Here you can have your electrical components serviced, so if you crackly volume, tone or switches and jack socket replacement. I can rectify this for you. Depending on the grade of components you require will reflect in the overall price.

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Hardware replacement

I can replace any hardware on your instrument such as tuners, bridge, s, tremolo systems, pick guards, knobs, back covers, neck plates and so on. These are customisable to your requirements.

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