LGS Music Tuition offer online distance learning through the following apps.

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Whatsapp

Skype is our first choice for distance learning as I can see the student and they can see me, and I can share my computer screen. So while I’m teaching you, you can also see my screen and I can walk you through lesson sheets in real time. I also accompany the lesson sheets and video clips of the songs you are learning, this is all sent to you through Skype at the end or during the lesson.com

A lot of people out there are sometimes sceptical about having Skype lessons! Skype & zoom are a real time call so it’s as good as been in the same room live having a lesson, you can ask questions live audibly and get the answers there an then. Come on you almost definitely tried to learn in YouTube? YouTube is an online lesson format but you can’t ask live question or receive attentive information about how you should play something. Skype or Zoom overcomes this and you can learn in the comfort of your own home.

Still not sure? This is why I offer a 45 minutes FREE “yes FREE” lesson so you can try it out and see if it’s for you.

If Skype isn’t your preferred app for lessons, we also teach via WhatsApp, Zoom or even Google hangouts.

You do not need a webcam as my experience of teaching is not just a visual thing I can identify whether you are playing things correctly or not purely by ear, so if you are camera shy please don’t worry you will not need to use a webcam if it is not for you as the audio and my camera will still be good enough for you to pick up the lesson with ease.

The best devices for skype are a PC, Laptop or tablet. Phones do work but the screen size can make reading my lesson material a little difficult.

Windows 10 automatically come pre-loaded with the skype app, if not you can download the app from the link below.

<<click the here to download Skype >>>

Other than that my current students are really enjoying the lesson experience through skype.

If you are interested in taking some live online guitar, bass or ukulele lessons then please visit my contact form on this site and drop me a message at anytime. Click the link below to advance you to my contact form.

I offer a free 45 consultation lesson over skype, so if you are unsure whether skype is for you here you can have a free 30 minutes to see how skype works for my lessons. You will receive a short lesson on using skype and a short lesson on your instrument, there is no obligation to take further lessons but if you like it we can arrange your first lesson appointment over skype at the end of the session. Contact me for a free 45 minute consultation via the link below.

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