Here you can find out about service changes at LA Guitar School


face coverings are now your choice when having lessons, I won’t be wearing a face covering in lessons while teaching you.

should you feel unwell still cancel your lesson, if you test positive do not return to lessons until you have a negative test. Although isolation will not soon be required, I still require, that you do not attend your lesson until you have a negative test result.


LA Guitar School will be closed for bank holiday Mondays through out 2022 and onwards. If you still require a lesson for students on Mondays when there is a bank holiday, speak to your tutor to arrange a lesson for another day for that week.

Tuition Fee’s

On or around the 5th of March LA Guitar School will be revising it’s tuition fee’s, the new fee’s will come into effect from April 5th 2022.

Covid Guidelines

Date 8th of January 2022

From January 2022 these guidelines will be implemented at LA Guitar School

All students over the age of 11 are expected to wear a face covering when entering the building and when attending there lesson, all parents bringing or collecting there child must wear a face covering when entering the building and waiting in the reception area.

Only the student is permitted to enter the lesson room, parents or guardians must wait in the reception area or outside should they choose.

Payments are accepted via credit or debit card, as only the student is allowed in the lessons you can either allow the student to pay with your card via my contactless card payment or you can request a payment link sent to you via WhatsApp or email address.


The current symptoms of the new variant Omicron is so similar to the common cold, so should you come down with a cold like infection please take a test. If you have a cold there is a 75% chance you have the Omicron variant. So this includes sneezing, sore throat, cough, headache, runny nose, muscle aches and possibly a temperature.

Should you experience any of the above symptoms please take a test. Should you test positive please either cancel your lesson or move your lesson to skype for that week, should you need to cancel you will not be charged due to contracting the Covid virus. Please isolate for the required 7 days and you can then return to face to face lessons once you receive a negative test.

Remember I still operate lessons over Skype, so if your unwell to attend face to face, virtual lessons are available.

Contact Details

Please make sure that you let me know if there are changes to you mobile number or email address details. I will not take responsibility if you have to not received notification about changes to any services at LA Guitar School, to save on any disappointment please make sure your details are up to date with me.

Closing Statement

I have only implemented the above as I wish to continue to offer my service without as little disruption as possible and to limit contact where possible. so I do not have to restart conducting my lessons only over skype. The new variant is spreading exponentially and I am sure at some point we are all going to be exposed to the virus and hopefully the immunity will increase at a controlled rate and becomes an endemic and life can get back to new normal.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your continued support in these current times, and I can only apologise for continued updates via WhatsApp messenger, I sincerely hope this has not cause any frustration as to be honest I don’t enjoy continuing contacting people about what is currently happening but, as I am offering a service to the public I have constraints that I must be seen to be following.

I use auto response out of business hours on whatsapp, so if you lose the service update link this can now be found in my auto response via WhatsApp. Text (service update), on WhatsApp.

if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me via WhatsApp or the contact form on this site.

I will now only contact you if I am ill and payment links via WhatsApp.

My Kindest Regards

Lee Barfield – LA Guitar School

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