L.A. Guitar School now offers a transcription service, what is this you might ask?

I you need a song working out and put into tablature, we can do this for you. No more trawling the internet for songs for your guitar.

All you need to do is drop us an email with a request quote, name the song and how you would like it. This can be in tablature or standard notation.

The prices varey depending on whether you just pant strumming parts, picking parts or even the solo or lead guitar, if you require all three obviously this costs more. You are simply paying for the time it takes to provide you with your chosen transcription.

How do you pay for this and how this works.

place your request, we will then get back to you with a quote for your request. Once your transcription has been completed you will then receive an email with a sample of your chosen song or solo, this will also include a link to pay for your transcribed song or solo. Once you have completed the payment we will then send you your full paid transcription via email. All done.

All payments are processed through out secure sumup payment link, there is no need to create an account just simply pay via your debit or credit card at our secure checkout once you have click the link provided only to you.

I am offering this service because it is so frustrating when you cannot find a song you really want, I know I have been there in the past.

I teach and transcribe every day of my working life on guitar, an I have been transcribing now for 26 years from when I graduated from the guitar institute in 1995, which is now formally known as the institute of contemporary music and performance in London.

So if you would like a quote on a song transcribed for you by me, hit the button below and let’s get your transcription sorted out for you.

Kindest Regards

Lee Barfield

L.A. Guitar School

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