Cancellation Terms Revised 04.04.2019

  1. LA Guitar School offer lessons on a private basis, and the lessons are a business service.
  2. To safeguard the sustainability of the business, LA Guitar School has had to implement a cancellation notice and guidelines for all students.
  3. You as a student or parent of the must contact LA Guitar School, should you not be able to attend a booked guitar lesson.
  4. LA Guitar School will always contact you should any lessons be affected, with prior notice by text, email or telephone call. Please make sure LA Guitar School has all your appropriate contact details or inform your tutor of any updates with your contact details.

Notice to cancel a lesson

  1. LA Guitar School requires 24 hours prior notice to cancel your guitar lesson, please notify me before the 24 hour deadline.
  2. If you cancel your lesson under the 24 hour deadline there will be a 50% charge on top of your next lesson fee.
  3. If you fail to contact LA Guitar School to cancel your lesson or fail to attend your lesson, you will be charged 100% on top of your next lesson.
  4. To avoid any cancellation fee on top of your next lesson, L.A. Guitar School can offer you an alternate appointment time with in the same week of your original lesson if you wish cancel. Please contact me to rearrange your lesson for that week.
  5. Block payees – when you purchase a block of lessons you are agreeing to complete the course of lessons you have paid for. So please book other appointments around your lesson booking, also give notice when booking lessons about holidays should they fall between your block of lessons. If you are away on holiday and have not informed me when making your booking I will take those payments to secure your slot for when you are away in holiday. Once your block is completed and if you no longer wish to continue please contact LA Guitar School and you slot can be given to another student.
  6. Block payees or gift certificates – once you have paid for a block or a gift voucher these are none refundable you must complete the course of lessons you have paid for. Gift vouchers are only valid for 6 months from the date of purchase, gift vouchers are non refundable.
  7. Continued absence or un-attendance LA Guitar School reserve the right to give your lesson time to someone else should there be regular cancellations or un-attendance. You will be notified of this if it does happen, should your time slot be given to someone else and you wish to continue lessons, you will need to submit a new enquiry for lessons and you will be given new time slots if one is available. 

Please remember the above terms have been put in place to secure LA Guitar School’s continuing sustainability of the business. Your tutor is self employed and if the above guidelines are not adhered to there will no longer be able offer this service to you and other students in the future

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