Tutor – Lee Barfield

L.A. Guitar School originally started from express music Tamworth in 1995, the music shop is now where the toolbox stands near the town hall where the Sir Robert peel status resides.

My lessons have been established since 1995, and I have taught over 30,500 lessons over my 27 years of teaching guitar. I also suffer from sight loss more info>> retina pigmentosa.

Why do I teach guitar

I have enjoyed playing for many years, but never started playing to teach guitar until I was asked to teach some students by my tutor Mark, when he moved to the U.S to start a new chapter in his life. I had only really been playing for about 2 years, I then considered this as a good opportunity and a huge compliment on my ability and dedication to learning my craft.

So, becoming a teacher on guitar was not my initial reason for playing the guitar; I never intended to teach it just so happened, I guess It was the right time right place sort of thing.


My professional education was through the institute of contemporary music and performance (ICMP), formally the guitar institute of technology, where I relocated to Acton London at 21 years old. Here I successfully acquired a scholarship to study at the college, where I graduated with my diploma and my grade 5, then in 1999 I successfully acquired my grade 8 with Rock school. LA Guitar School was also supported by the “The Prince’s Trust”, with a grant I was able to buy equipment for my small business, a little kick start to help me.

Live playing

I’ve played in many bands ranging from blues, rock, metal and jazz, where I was a regular player at Bob’s good times blues bar Shepard Bush London and the roadhouse coven gardens London. I then played bass for a short while in a local indie band & also played bass in a Greek restaurant in Tamworth before becoming the main guitarist for a few years for tumbling dice “rolling stones” covers band.

Years of experience

I’ve been playing now for 31 years and been teaching for 27 years, if you are interested in taking lessons with me then drop me a message with the contact button at the bottom of this page and I’ll gladly get you accommodate you no matter what level you are.

I am a very experienced teacher and been professionally tutored by session guitarists who have been in their professional field for years from the cruise ships, studio musicians & guitar magazine columnists.

My past tutors

  1. Ed Buchanan – introduced me to reading standard notation, reading music
  2. Mark  Rogers – inspired me with his amazing rock lessons and which drove my interest in learning and practicing every day for hours on end.
  3. Brian Robinson – my theory God you had a question he answered it no matter how tricky the information that I was requesting, he also pushed my music reading really hard, and inspired & encouraged me to the point of my scholarship in London.

The Guitar Institute London (ICMP) 1994-95

  • Dave Kilminster – Steven Wilson Band & Roger Waters, guitar techniques magazine
  • Guthrie Goven – The Aristocrats & Steven Wilson Band
  • Max Milligan – Cherry Lee Mewis & session guitarist
  • Iain Scott – Los Angeles Guitar Institute and guitar player magazine
  • Shaun Baxter – Wolverhampton University head of guitar
  • Pete Whitard – Session guitarist
  • Barry Langton – Jazz cruise ship entertainer and session guitar
  • Alan Limbrick – Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells,Joan Amatrady
  • Rob Burns – head of music new zealand

I am grade 8 with RSL Rock school Trinity Collage, and a graduate of the London Guitar Institute ICMP.

I am also a member of the musician’s union and also DBS Check with the barring and disclosure services a music teacher.

Checked through the musicians union

DBS – Certification Number 001569443941

Learn with me

I would love to assist you in starting to play or continue your learning progression if you already play guitar.

My Mission

I will pass on everything that I have learned to you so you can enjoy playing as much as I still do. And you will learn in a professional non judgmental friendly environment.

To you

If you would like to book a taster lesson drop me a message from the contact me button below, and grab your free 1st lesson with me,.

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