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Learn To Listen

I have been teaching for many years, and I have seen music go through so many changes in regards from vinyl record, audio tape – cassettes, CD – compact disk, MTV – music television channel via satellite & cable, Mp3 audio, to Youtube and streaming audio. Over this transition we have gone from listening and […]

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Guitar & Bass Tuition

I offer a comprehensive tuition service, where you can learn and study the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar and bass guitar. Learn rock, blues, metal, classical on the guitar as well as guitar you can also learn bass guitar in rock, blues, metal, funk and pop. My lessons have been running now since 1995 […]

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Slash – Riff

Learn the intro riff to the song by the sword by Slash & The Conspirators. A typical slash style catchy riff and chords, which is beginner to intermediate level, so you if you would like to play a little of Slash this free audio lesson could be for you. So grab that top hat and […]

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LA Guitar School

Guitar & Bass Guitar Tuition

professional service with 27 years experience “learn from a tutor with 27 years teaching experience & professionally educated by ICMP London” I teach many styles of of music whether you play electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass guitar. So if your a total beginner or even been play for a while I can assist you […]

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Slash’s New Album

Hear Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators’ New Song, “Driving Rain” Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators have premiered “Driving Rain,” the first single off of their new album, Living the Dream. You can check it out below. Spread the love

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