Here you can learn your open position chords which is called “C A G E D” these are the five chordal shapes you will be learning.

In part one you will learn the must needed chord shapes’ that you will find in all modern music, by studying this course you will learn the basic chord needed to play your favourite songs on your electric or acoustic guitar.

At the end of your study you will know the open chords you will need to play your instrument and your favourite songs, this lesson is a funder mental learning course so you can progress to the next level, I will also be bringing to you a part two to this course very soon. The part II will be an extension to this course, which will give you a steady progression to learning your instrument.

You will be learning the different chord shapes associated with each chords as follows.

  • C major shapes
  • A major and minor shapes
  • G major shapes
  • E major and minor shapes
  • D major and minor shapes

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