Our new discussion forum, building a community for guitar lovers to help the unaware.

Some people need help to be put in the right direction, and are stuck with information about the guitar.

Sometimes we all hit a brick wall with so many areas of the guitar related world.

  • This could be buying a guitar, where is the best place to look and what do I buy.
  • what amp do I buy?
  • I have an issue with my guitar or amp, what can I do for a simple fix?
  • I’ve been playing guitar and I’ve hit a brick wall, what can I learn to inspire me to climb the wall.
  • there are loads more question than just the ones I’ve bullet pointed.

So if you can help others or you’re the person stuck, leave a message in our forum and I’m sure someone out there with knowledge will help you.

So click the button below, to take you to the forum.


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