I’ve been playing guitar now for 27 years, and still loving it.

I’ve bought drum machines in the 90s, used programmes on the pc. But all those were never quickly accesabble.

Metronomes are great tools to use, however, I don’t find them inspirational when I’m jamming. Metronomes are the perfect tool for accurately practicing rhythms, and getting your playing tight.

I now use loopz, thus us a preset drum machine, no you can’t edit or change the loops, but for quick and easy access drum beats for jamming songs, riffs and scales to its brilliant.

it almost gets you into a live jam session with a drummer, it’s also great fir bass players so you can learn to lick into a drum beat which is really important for a bassist.

Loopz is free and an amazing tool that sounds realistic sound, I love it and I think you will to. So download your copy for android on the google App Store you won’t  regret it.

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