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Welcome to my lesson on finding the notes on your guitar fretboard.

Learn your guitar notes on the fretboard

As I always say to my student, learning your fretboard is one of the most important components you need to learn on the guitar.

Knowing you fretboard inside and out will allow you to be come a more fluent player, thus, with moving chords, scales and constructing them.

Know your fretboard

If you know your fretboard notes, you can re construct one chord into many positions of the chord you know all over the fretboard.

With out even needing to see another shape of that chord from a book.

Yes, you do have some working out to do to be able to re construct your chord, but if you know the fretboard notes you will be able to do this.

The same applies with you scale or scales that you may already know.

Once you can read your fretboard, you will be able to navigate the fretboard with more fluency. Imagine if you didn’t have a satellite navigation system on you phone or in your car!

And you could not read a map! well lets think of the map as your fretboard.

If you can read your fretboard {map}, you can safely and eventually arrive at your requires destination.

So now your hear and you probably arrived via my YouTube or patron channel.

Below is a copy of my lesson on finding the notes on your fretboard in a PDF form.

You can either continue with the below video, or you can purchase a copy of the PDF lesson to keep for your self.

Learning my fretboard with my own instrument has been one of the holy grails for me.

I actually wouldn’t be able to play for as long as I have or even enjoy doing what I do still to this day.

I started playing 32 years ago.

Note finding – Lesson

Purchase the note finding worksheet – PDF

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