Welcome to scribed, our guitar transcription service.

Here you can ask us to transcribe songs you would like to learn, but not able to find them online. The service is simple using the quote button at the bottom of this page you can receive a quote for the song you would like.

I have been transcribing songs since 1994, which are also used in my private lessons face to face and online though skype or zoom. I have approximately transcribed over 20.000 songs over my period as a teacher and I know when you are learning it is frustrating that you can find an accurate version of your favourite material online. So if you are interested in commissioning us to scribe a song for you then follow the instructions below, and we will get it done.

How to get a quote!

Click the button below and this will direct you to our enquiry page, simple contact us with you email and a link to the song of your choice. This can be for youtube, amazon music or spotify.

Once we have evaluated your submitted quote, we will get back to you with how much it will cost.

Once you accept our quote.

We will contact you again with a sample of your chosen material, All we will do then is send you the bill via your provided email address where there will be a link to our secure sumup account so you can complete the payment. Once we have received your successful payment, we will then send over your full scribed material for you to learn.

Please remember to add a link to your chosen song, however, we will contact you if you fail to send us a link or just send us the name of the artist and the track name we will search this for you.

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