Oftenly asked question I’ve come across, were do I start when thinking about learning the guitar!

5 Myths to consider when you start, or thinking of starting on the guitar.

  1. Start on  acoustic guitar you will build up strength in your fingers and become a better player – Not True. I recommend that you start on a electric guitar! Why, because one electric guitars are slightly easier to play. This is because most electric guitars, even budget guitars have a much lower action. This is the high of the strings from the fret board is much lower, therefore easier to fret scales and chords. This will cause you less frustration when learning, if you are of a younger age you can even gofore a light gauge 8 strings which are softer on finger tips that are soft. Plus electric guitars are way more fun than acoustics when learning, as you can buy effects pedals to create fun and interesting sounds on your instrument.
  2. buy a budget guitar when a beginner – Not always good. Why? Not all cheap guitars are well setup, for example always look for a low action. If you find a guitar I need a shop you love the look of but the action is high, speak to the shop owner, because for a small cost they may have a guitar tech that can setup the guitars or easier playing. If you can afford to spend more than a couple of hundred pounds, do it as you will purchase a guitar that will last you many years. Buy a branded guitar like fender or Gibson, as these guitars are a good investment as they hold their value unlike not well known guitars on the market.
  3. You need an amplifier with an electric guitar – No you don’t. You can hear an electric guitar unplugged from an amplifier, which is great for low level practicing. Plus when the guitar is unplugged you need to work the fingers harder, which in turn boosts your overall playing technique for when you do eventually plug into an amplifier.
  4. spend a fortune on a guitar – No. most mid range guitars are great for beginners, and are usually setup well. Stick to your budget, if you don’t want to purchase a guitar, ask a friend or family member if they have an electric guitar you could borrow. If not some music shops sometimes hire instrument to learn on which is great if to see if playing guitar I still what you really want to do.
  5. you must learn to read music and study theory to become a great player – Not True. If you want to write, compose or become a session guitarist or work in an orchestra pit, then yes music reading and theory is a must. But for most of us that want to play in a band playing rock, blues, metal and popular music, then you don’t have to learn written music and theory. Think of all the great players like slash – guns n roses, Eddie Van Halen, jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards – Rolling Stones. The list is endless. You can become and amazing player without reading written notation or theory. But some theory is good, if and only you want to learn it.
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