Switching on YouTube this morning for me was like opening a present on Christmas Day.

I open YouTube this morning and saw this interview on the home page section, and I can only

Guns N Roses

describe it like been a child again. Yes, walking downstairs and seeing the bag of presents under the Christmas tree, and rushing to open the first biggest present.

I’ve been a big guns n roses fan for as long as I can remember, and this goes as far back as me picking up the guitar for the first time when I was 16/17.

there has always been very little of Axl, doing interviews as guns n roses were a huge band on the LA scene before there big explosion into the rock world stage in 1988.

I was sat there this morning praying that the interviewer would not ask

Guns N Roses

stupid old questions about guns n roses and their past, the interviewer was trying to dig old feelings up. However, it was great seeing Axl, slightly brushing it of but answering some of the details back to the interviewer.

who knows how long guns n roses will carry on “the not in the life time tour”, because as I know guns have always seemed a little rocky in places within the band, but I don’t blame this on the band. I blame this on the people and press around guns n roses, I feel they control the cooking temperature surrounding how long this will carry on. But I hope it carries on for as long as it can.

Guns n roses to me, still look like the dangerous band now as they did in 1988, But that’s what makes guns nroses. Axl, looks so much more relaxed for the camera now he’s older and wiser compared to old interviews, and it’s was for me amazing to watch the interview, and seeing Duff and Axl doing an interview that lasted longer than 3 minutes like the old days.

watch the video below, and enjoy.


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