Last weeks riff of the day for me, was #funk 49 by Joe Walsh.

Joe Walsh is better known to most of us as the rhythm and lead guitarist from the band The Eagles, all though Joe also has in the past and the present a solo career too.

Joe is well known by his distinct guitar sound and style, as well as his voice has a characteristic

The Eagles

style of its own. Joe has had a colorful life in his music career, such as drug addiction and alcoholism. With over whelming support from the members of the eagles and his family, Joe overcame and beat the drugs and alcohol.

One of my favorite albums to date is the analog man, this guitar is as always Joe’s signature style as well as track with true story styled lyrics which are great to listen to and relate to. Joe always seems to write his lyrics about situations and experiences in his life, and how he see’s a humorous side and philosophies of his experiences.

So back to the riff, below is a taste of the track #funk 49.

text by Lee Barfield – L.A. Guitar School.

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