professional service with 27 years experience

“learn from a tutor with 27 years teaching experience & professionally educated by ICMP London”

I teach many styles of of music whether you play electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass guitar. So if your a total beginner or even been play for a while I can assist you with your chosen instrument.

Lessons are offered to students from the age of 11 years and upwards, so if you want to get away from learning on YouTube, stuck with the lack of improvement or just want physical tuition where you get answers to help you improve I can do this.

Don’t get me wrong YouTube is a Good place to start, however the are more terrible videos’ than Good videos on there, plus there is no structure to your learning as you can jump from video to video not knowing where you should be going next. This is why having real face to face tuition can be more beneficial to you than learning from videos online. Not sure or disagree ! Then grab a FREE 30 minutes lesson with me to find out if face to face lessons are fir you.

Yes… I offer a free 30 minutes lesson, try my lessons see how you go.

I teach from a professional working environment NOT my home, I have a full DBS disclosure and 27 years teaching experience. I myself am grade 8 with Rockshool & a graduate of the London guitar institute now formally known as ICMP “institute of of contemporary music and performance

Still interested, then drop me a message.

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