I have been teaching for many years, and I have seen music go through so many changes in regards from vinyl record, audio tape – cassettes, CD – compact disk, MTV – music television channel via satellite & cable, Mp3 audio, to Youtube and streaming audio.

What’s Changed

Over this transition we have gone from listening and reading audio packaging to, watching on tv and streaming services. So we went from listening intently to watching music and listening indirectly.

Seeing my students going from listening to just watching in my opinion has changed the way we learn, but in thought to myself not in a great way. Your ears are the most important tool when learning music, not your eyes. So listening to music is way more productive than watching someone playing a piece on video is less intuitive.

Don’t get me wrong going to a concert and seeing your inspiration live is an amazing experience, this drives our inspiration.

But watching the person on video to learn something can be okay but it shuts off the intensive listening that we associate with not been able to see the player.

Streaming video

If you do use video streaming to learn guitar, one thing to try is not to watch the video…. Listen.

download a copy of the transcription and read the music while listening to the online video tuition.

By doing this you are listening, this will help you pick up rhythms audibly which is more intuitive..

you will surprisingly pick up more by listening than watching.

Of course seeing someone playing a chord shapes or riff helps, but always still listen.

Buy sheet music

Purchase your favourite band books, as there is nothing like learning from a book.

While you have the book use streaming audio to listen to and learn the track you are trying to play.

This is how I learned to play guitar, I didn’t even have MTV let alone internet..

I didn’t always have a band notation book which I couldn’t always afford when I was learning.

I used to just grab a vinyl albums on the record player to learn something from it..

Old timer

Bet you thinking… an old man who is stuck in the past! well no not at all I use streaming audio and still workout songs from the streaming music by ear.

All the songs that I teach today, I have personally worked out by ear how to play.

The power of listening is one of the most productive ways of learning.

I know can be difficult and I found it difficult when I started, over time it will get easier.

Structure your practice

Also if you have been trying to learn from online video such as Youtube.

You may find your practice is not structured and is getting nowhere fast, try buying instructional books to learn from.

Books to think about when learning

  • Beginners chord books
  • Band associated natation books
  • Scale books
  • Lead guitar books
  • Rhythm guitar books
  • Learning to read music notation books
  • Guitar theory books

But most of all try listening to what you are learning NOT just visual learning from videos.

Thanks you

I hope some part of this post is of use for you. This is free lesson to you I hope something has come from you reading my post.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below I would love to hear what you think.

Have a great day and keep practicing.

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