You may come across or ask yourself I’m new to all this, which strings do I purchase when it comes to re stringing your guitar.

Honestly, string gauges are a personal preference once you have been playing a while and you are comfortable choosing your preferred gauge.

But for now lets just take it that you are unsure!


Chose the lightest gauge string if you are a complete beginner, as lighter will be easier on the fingers.

This will also apply to both electric guitar and acoustic guitar.sore.

Electric guitar strings

When purchasing a set of electric guitar strings, select a set starting with the lowest number string in the set.

These start from gauge 08s and go up from 08 to 13s

Sets eights, nines, tens, elevens, twelves, and thirteens. the higher the thinnest string number the harsher the strings will be on the fingers.

So what now?

So lets say you have bought your strings now you need to change them, firstly when removing the strings loosen the strings via the tuners so the strings become slack. Do not just cut the strings with some wire snippers while the strings are tight.

A breaking string in full tension could be dangerous to the eye, plus with just cutting the strings under tension causes the guitar neck to release to quickly which is not good for health of the guitar neck or fretboard so therefore, loosen each string via the tuners befor cutting them, be nice to your instrument.

Once you have loosened the stings if you are using an acoustic guitar, you will either have white or black pegs on the bridge or strings through the bridge, if you have pegs you can pull these out either by a peg removal tool, or some pliers or side cutters.

Remove the pegs so you can remove the eyeball end of the string from the guitar, if the strings are through the bridge take each string off the tuners first then feed the string out of the bridge to remove them..

Which bridge is on your guitar

Acoustic pegged through bridge
Pegged Bridge
String Through Bridge

Most electric guitar style bridge, usually feed from the back of the guitar through to the front.

Fender style bridge

Now we have the new strings back in the bridge, on either your acoustic or electric. I have put a diagram below showing you how I put my strings around the tuner.

Use the diagram below as a reference on wrapping the strings on the tuner pegs.


Note, New strings will go out of tune a little, this is because the strings will need to stretch in.

Once they have stretched in, your guitar tuning should be more stable.


Buy yourself a clip on guitar tuner if you have not purchased one already.

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