Hey Joe

Try my version of this classic song hey joe by Jimi Hendrix. Included in the arrangement, are the chords with simple rhythms as well as the guitar solo. Once you are comfortable playing this song, why not try recording the chords and have fun improvising your own solo. “Hey Joe” is an American song from […]

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Which Guitar Strings

You may come across or ask yourself I’m new to all this, which strings do I purchase when it comes to re stringing your guitar. Honestly, string gauges are a personal preference once you have been playing a while and you are comfortable choosing your preferred gauge. But for now lets just take it that […]

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LA Guitar School

Guitar & Bass Guitar Tuition

professional service with 27 years experience “learn from a tutor with 27 years teaching experience & professionally educated by ICMP London” I teach many styles of of music whether you play electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass guitar. So if your a total beginner or even been play for a while I can assist you […]

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